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My name is Silvia Mancini and I am committed to breed physically and mentally well balanced miniature dachshunds. I hope you enjoy your visit to my web-site, the internet home of my "little dogs with huge personalities".

I would like to thank Linda Schrader from Sunnyseas Kennel and Annette Mayer from Unica Kennel for being such wonderful friends and incredible support. Linda has been breeding dogs for 30 years and is always ready to help in any way she can. Annette's "secret weapon", Trixie, has been an inspiration.

My special thanks goes to Marilyn Morrell who made it possible for me to start breeding dachshunds. "Vom Waldhaus" is located in Shelburne on the beautyful South Shore of Nova Scotia, just 5 driving minutes from the exit 26 off highway 103. For more information please refer to our contact page.





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Coffee and Mini

Coffee and Mini
New designer breed  ( The Turtle Dog ), achieved by crossing a doxie with a doggie pillow
New designer breed ( The Turtle Dog ), achieved by crossing a doxie with a doggie pillow
lazy dogs
lazy dogs


Adults available


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